*new* berry spritz 


mint, musk, peach, oakmoss

infuse your home with celebratory energy with our berry spritz! this lively scent combines citrus and tart cranberry with sparkling champagne while comforting musk notes create a fruity and cozy ambiance!


*new* pure heaven 

white currant, lemon, juniper

our pure heaven smells just like it's name! with white currant fusing the tart notes of red currant, and lively lemon peel, this amazing scent encapsulates a timeless, invigorating all year round freshness! 


cozy season 

mint, musk, peach, oakmoss

imagine a stroll through an orchard blanketed in freshly fallen snow, where the fragrant mint leaves intertwine with the subtle sweetness of ripe green apples and peaches, all grounded in the earthy embrace of musk and moss. our cozy season captures this captivating blend, offering a fresh and timeless bouquet that suits the ambiance of winter like being wrapped up in your favorite sweater.

inspired by the beloved BBW® scent, this scent transports you to a world of enchantment, where the freshness of the season meets the coziness of a winter's day.


  crimson forest 

cranberry, cinnamon, pine

introducing our crimson forest, a harmonious blend of tart cranberries, luscious currants, and refreshing herbaceous notes. this versatile scent is perfect for enjoying its delightful essence all year long. picture a serene woodland scene, where ripe cranberries and currants intertwine with the refreshing scent of herbs. our crimson forest encapsulates this delightful harmony, offering a timeless and inviting aroma that transcends the boundaries of seasons!


 fraser fir 

cedar, fir, evergreen

fraser fir is the perfect companion for creating a holiday wonderland or a tranquil winter retreat by the fireside. whether you're looking to set a festive mood or capture the cozy ambiance of a quiet winter evening, fraser fiir's aromatic embrace will take you there. immerse yourself in the magic of the season with this remarkable scent, and let the memories of Christmases past fill your space.



citrus, pine, red currant, sage

this enchanting winter scent unfolds with a crisp, cool opening of camphor, breezy ozone, and a subtle citrus note, evoking the brisk air of the season. at its heart, deep red berries add a touch of fruity richness that beautifully balances the woody pine and juniper notes. the evergreen accents are reinforced by the presence of eucalyptus, fir needle, and cedar leaf essential oils, making for an intricate and harmonious scent.

this classic holiday scent fills your space with a warm and nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of cherished winter memories. embrace the spirit of the holidays with this enchanting scent, and let its complexity transport you to a winter wonderland of timeless joy.


winters night 

pine, bayberry, cedar, eucalyptus

as you breathe in this scent, you'll find yourself amidst the pure, brisk top notes of eucalyptus and lavender, akin to the chill of a winter's evening. at its core, the scent resonates with the earthy depth of resinous pine, evoking the essence of an outdoor winter wonderland. it all gracefully settles on an herbal and woody foundation composed of rosemary, cedar, and oakmoss.

winters night unfurls a soothing ambiance reminiscent of a tranquil winter night. the scent embraces the spirit of the season, allowing you to immerse yourself in its enchanting allure. let your imagination take flight with this exquisite scent, as it carries you to a world of serene, snowy landscapes and the tranquility of a winter night.


back country (men's line)

sage + orange + lavender + amber + tonka + oakmoss

our back country is a modern scent with universal appeal. this captivating aroma begins with hints of orange, grapefruit, and an infusion of sage that enhance the natural earthy quality. lavender adds a soft floral and herbal touch to the heart of this scent, while oakmoss, amber, and tonka round out the base for a beautiful, deep character that's appealing to both men and women!

black frost (men's line)

citrus + lemon + ambergris + jasmine + moss + wood

enjoy the strong and masculine with vibrant citrus, sweet jasmine, and earthy musk notes, complimented by subtle hints of lemon and ambergris! this fragrance was inspired by the Little Trees car freshener scent!


the woodsman (men's line)

smoke + woodsy + vanilla + musk + lavender

imagine a scent that encapsulates the essence of rugged masculinity...its aroma dances between the alluring trails of smoky woodlands, the deep embrace of musk, the timeless warmth of vanilla, all balanced by the delicate touch of lavender. let this scent sweep you into a realm of strength and sophistication!


urban jungle (men's line)

musk + cedar + lavender + oak + mahogany

 our urban jungle has a captivating blend of robust mahogany, cedar, and rich woods accented by subtle notes of lavender. this scent was inspired by the famous Mahogany Teakwood scent!


black magic

citrus + peach + jasmine + black currant + black tea + anise 

our black currant + jasmine scent is one of our best kept secrets! this luxurious scent starts with hints of citrus that open up to a heart of red and black currants. jasmine blossoms envelope the fruit notes with a dreamy, romantic aroma.



orange + lemon + citrus + agave + grapefruit + peach + lime

citrus valley is our BEST SELLER. it is a classic, sweet citrus blend that will keep you wanting more! zesty orange + lemon peel top notes open up to a heart of bright, juicy citrus. agave nectar enhances the natural sweetness of grapefruit, mandarin, + tangerine, while a hint of lime + peach rounds out this tropical, fruity explosion.